Program of the Year

Regional Awards 2022

Ascend Gymnastics * (National Program of the Year)

Regional Awards 2021

Ascend Gymnastics

2020:  No recipient  due to Covid

Regional Awards 2019

2019:  To Come

Regional Awards 2018

Congratulations to Auburn Gymnastics Center for being chosen as the Region 2 Program of the Year.

Left to right: Ivan Alexov (JO Chairman handing out the award), Jill McGee, Brent Phelps, Lauren Phelps, Dave Pisano, and Brandi Embrey.

Regional Awards 2017

Programs of The Year: Auburn Gymnastics Center and Metropolitan Gymnastics

Metropolitan Gymnastics: Left to Right: Ivan Alexov (R2JOC), Guennadi Komissarov, Yulia Hancheroff, Cathy Sutherland, Laurie Reid (Outgoing R2JOC)
Auburn Gymnastics Center: Left to Right: Linda Mulvihill (RTC), Brent Phelps, Ivan Alexov (JORC)


Regional Awards 2016

Program of the Year Award: Hawaiian Island Twisters

Joe Rapp (middle) from Hawaiian Island Twisters receiving the 2016 Club of the Year Award presented by the Hawaii State Chairman Pam Zak to his left and Regional Administrative Chairman Marian DeWane to his right. Coaches from Left to right are Tracie Tamashiro, Lori Yee, Jessie Miyasato, Christine Dorrepaal, and Joel Shugart

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