Region 2: 2020 Regional Chairs

Marian DeWane
PO Box 2137
Boise, ID 83701

Jeanine Henneford

RDPCC Region 2 Xcel Chair
Tiffany Quincy
9700 SW Harvest Ct. Suite 1809
Beaverton, Oregon
Dianne Palmer
509 432 3389

 Region 2: 2020 State Chairs

Alaska – State Chair Hawaii – State Chair

Charlene Moss




Pam Zak

Idaho – State Chair Montana – State Chair




Mark Kindelspire




Josh Burnham

Oregon – State Chair  Washington – State Chair
Meg Doxtator
Sandy Flores

Appointed Athlete Representative

Linda Mulvihill
1205 Oak Patch
Eugene, OR 97402

2019 Region 2 State Chairs at State Chairs Meeting:

Mark Kindelspire-Idaho, Pam Zak-Hawaii, Molly Gill-Oregon, Martha Dunn-Alaska, Susan Riley-Washington, Josh Burnham-Montana

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