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2022 Updates

Music Approval form (Updated Nov 2022)

R2 Women’s Program Floor Exercise Music Approval Form (1)


New Approved Moves

DP Beam: Switch Half into Wolf (.jpg)

Xcel Gold Bars: Uprise on Low Bar (PDF)

Xcel Uprise Value 1-4-22

2021 Updates

New Approved Moves

Back Dive Half

Switch Leap


AAI Conversion chart for the new EVO Bar

Coaches and athletes please review to be better prepared before encountering this equipment at a competition.

Elite vs EVO settings (PDF)

2019 Updates:

New approved moves:

Beam – 4 (PDF)

Beam 3 (PDF)

Beam 2 (PDF)

Beam 1 (PDF)

Vault (PDF)

Technical Q & A – November 2018

In the November meeting, the Technical Committee reviewed a number of questions which were presented by the gymnastics community. These topics will be discussed and finalized at the Joint JO and Technical Committee meeting in May, but for the purposes of giving direction for the 2019 winter/spring season, these questions and answers will be posted on the Regional websites -Technical page.

Any additional questions should be submitted to your respective Regional Technical Committee Chair, who will share them with the other RTCCs for inclusion on the Regional websites.


Q1: What is the correct mat stack specifications for the Level 2 Vault? There is a discrepancy between the R&P and the JO Compulsory book.

A1: Compulsory book is correct. R & P will be updated. Minimum of 16”, 24” or 32” (+ 1”).



Q2. Can an Inquiry include the “Not Up to the Level of competition” Composition deductions?

A2: Yes, the deductions specifically listed in the charts are considered “flat” deductions and may be included in inquiries. The Inquiry form will be updated by Linda T. and Myra and Connie will post it on the website at


Q3: Can Meet Directors pay judges by alternative methods such as Pay Pal or Venmo?

A3: Yes, if there is agreement between the Meet Director and the individual judge prior to the competition.


Q4: May the gymnast wear a medical bracelet while competing?

A4: Yes, but it should be covered by tape or some type of bandage.


Q5: May animals be present at USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition?

A5: For the safety of the athletes and other participants at a competition, it is not acceptable to allow

animals in the competition Field of Play. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, designated/qualified service animals would be allowed in the competition venue (spectator area).


Q6: Is the “Incorrect attire” deduction different for JO and Xcel competitions?

A6: Yes, 0.10 for Xcel; 0.20 for JO, after a warning, taken on the next event.



Q7: How is the angle of arrival determined for Level 6/7 Vault?

A7: If there is a closed shoulder angle, measure from shoulders to hips.

If there is an open shoulder angle, measure from the hand to hips.



Q9: What is the deduction for landing sideways on a Level 6/7 Tsukahara timer vault?

A9: There is no specific deduction at this time; deduct for any applicable direction, body position and execution errors.


Q10: Is there a deduction for not going through vertical on the Level 6/7 Tsukahara timer?

A10: Not specifically; use appropriate body alignment and/or direction deductions.


Q11: What is the deduction if a Level 6/7 gymnast vaults with the Vault Table below 115 cm?

A11: Apply the 0.30 deduction for incorrect apparatus specifications.


Q12: Must the mat behind the Level 6/7 mat stack be placed in a certain direction?

A12: The mat behind the mat stack may be placed sideways or lengthwise at this time.



Q14: When do you start counting for a concentration pause?

A14: You begin counting when the gymnast is stationary or is readjusting arms, feet or body

prior to initiating an element or series of elements.


RTC Questions and Answers Nov 2018

Download the latest Q and A from RTC – PDF

2018-2022 JO Code of Points replacement page are posted on the USA Gym web site. In addition, all appendices have been updated and are posted there as well.

2017 Corrections:

The Xcel Code of Points replacement pages for 2017-2018 are posted online. Click here then click Xcel Code of points Revised Pages (posted 7/27/17) to view them. These can be printed double-sided and three-hole punched to replace the entire page.

The JO Code of Points replacement pages for 2017-2018 are posted online.
Click here and then click Revised pages (7/26/17) to view them. These can be printed double-sided and three-hole punched to replace the entire page.

JO Compulsory Replacement Pages – July 2017




  1. 55 (Xcel chapter) and P. 91 (JO chapter)

“All Meet Directors must arrange to have boards that accommodate gymnasts of varying weight.  Any boards brought in to a competition must be assigned to an event and must be available to all gymnasts in that session for warm-up and competition.  The following 3-4 spring configurations for the springboard have been approved and may be utilized in USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions:”

Here are the two issues which have arisen:

  1. Interpretation that the board must ONLY be used with 3 or 4 springs and some judges have informed the coaches they must take out additional springs to ONLY have 3 or 4 springs and that using more than 3 or 4 springs is a deduction.  Please refer people to the following sentence:    ”…springboard have been approved and may be utilized in USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions.”  It does not say MUST be utilized in that manner.
  2. Coaches do not want to take the back springs out of the board to accommodate the illustrations in the Rules and Policies.  Only the 3 illustrations for a 3-4 spring board are allowed for the use of 3 or 4 springs in a springboard.  The coach is not allowed to come up with a different configuration that suits his/her needs.  This would result in a deduction of  0.30that will be taken for using incorrect apparatus specifications. (P. 7 of the Code of Points

Tom Koll, NJOCC, Cheryl Hamilton, NTCC, Claudia Kretschmer, NXCC

Previous corrections:

Photography Guidelines
Element Docs:
2016 updates from Committee Members:

March 3, 2016
Tour jete’ and Switch Full a comparison_LM

Feb. 2, 2016
Women’s Artistic Coaches and Judges! Take a look at the NEW course J412- Optional Beam Connections: To Give or Not Give covering how to identify connected elements.
Visit the Complete Course Catalog on the Education page for details on the course!

Technical Reminders 2015 from Linda Mulvihill

USA Gymnastics Optional updates as of Dec. 9, 2015
Code of Points Errata
Page 245 Revised page (Correction for both 1st and 2nd editions)


Oct. 12, 2015

NEW from USA Gymnastics:
J313 – Beginning Optional Skill Evaluation: Dance for Balance Beam

Sept. 23, 2015
USA Gymnastics Updates

Sept. 21, 2015
USA Gymnastics Updates

September  14, 2015
USA Gymnastics Updates

August 11, 2015
Xcel Code Errata August 2015
Xcel Code replacement pages August 2015

August 4, 2015
Reg2 Financial Report 2015

July 31
2015-2016 Rules and Policies

July 29, 2015
New – from USA Gymnastics -JO Code of Points UPDATES:
(these newly posted items have not been updated in the electronic version of the JO Code of Points)

USA Gymnastics SCORE SHEETS July 2015
All Code of Points updates – click here
Appendix 11 – Level 9-10 Score Sheets
Appendix 12 – Level 6-8 Score Sheets
Appendix 13a – Level 8 Vault Score Sheet
Appendix 13b – Levels 6, 7, 9, 10 Vault Score Sheet
Appendix 14 – Level 6-10 Optional Requirement Chart

July 23, 2015 JO Compulsory Updates:

JO Compulsory Program 2013-2021 Revised pages 7-23-2015
2013-21 JO Compulsory Book Errata_revised 7-23-2015

Notice: Pac-12 Championships coming to UW, March 19, 2016!

Updates/revisions from USA Gymnastics – June 24, 2015
Compulsory Program Q&A revised
Compulsory Book Revised Pages