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Region 2 Apparel for Westerns and Nationals

Coach’s  apparel colors/days for Westerns and Nationals:
THURSDAY:   Turquoise
FRIDAY:        Grey
SATURDAY:     White
SUNDAY:        Black

2024 Women’s Region 2 Championship
Meet Settings

Download the R2 April Meet Settings (PDF)

Call for Nominations – RTCC

Good Morning,

With the recent resignation of our RTCC, we will need to run an election for the R2 RTCC position as we are more than 1 year away from the next RTCC election.

Linked here is the call for nomination form.

The timeline is as follows:

Nominations due no later than Monday, March 18th (12 am).

Election: Tuesday, March 19th (12 am) – Wednesday, April 3rd (12 am)

Wednesday, April 3rd: new R2 RTCC in place!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sandy Flores
USA Gymnastics Region 2 Administrative Committee Chair

GOOD MORNING – Happy March!
Here is the link to purchase Regional Apparel, we appreciate all the spirit and the support! The store is open for 1 week! The colors are listed for Western and Nationals- PLEASE be prepared, as it is HIGHLY requested (which means close to mandatory 🙂 to be in the correct colors each day!
Those clubs that donated a minimum of $1,000.00 to the Regional Apparel Fundraiser will receive a $200.00 gift card to use towards these orders. If you did not receive your code, please click to email me now and let me know!
Thank you in advance
Sandy Flores
USA Gymnastics Region 2 Administrative Committee Chair
The Region 2 Apparel Store is Open:

Call for Nominations – Women’s Program Athlete Reps – Deadline 2/9/24

There are multiple seats open on a majority of National Committees. Please download and save the official call for nominations form for all open WAG Athlete Rep positions. This form can also be found on the WAG homepage under “Member Updates.”

This form is “interactive”, meaning that an individual is able to click on the hyperlinks to be taken to any committee charter, the Operating Code, etc. to reference each committee’s duties and responsibilities.

This form must be submitted to no later than the submission deadline of Friday, February 9, 2024. A letter of interest stating the reasons you would like to serve, resume or other list of qualifications areencouraged, but not required.

Please share as necessary. A reminder – Athlete Reps are ONLY required for National committees at this time.



December Newsletter

Download the December 2023 RAC Minutes (PDF)


Xcel Training Camp – October 14, 2023

The J501 USA Brevet/National /Level 10 Judges’ Course/Study Materials Update

The J501 USA Brevet/National /Level 10 Judges’ Course/Study Materials course has been updated by USA Gymnastics and is now available for purchase for those Level 9 judges who are studying to test up to Level 10 and for Level 10’s to use for education and review. The course will be accessible for the remainder of the 2022-26 cycle once purchased.

Those judges who took part in the 2022 USA Brevet/National Judges’ Course still have access to this course with the updates for 2023 at the link below. Just scroll down to the “Begin or Continue taking Course “section and click on the red “Begin Here” button.

The J501 Course is now available for purchase for $75 at:

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Region 2 Membership, 
The Regional Administrative Committee is seeking nominations by the membership at large for Region 2 athletes, coaches, judges, and contributors who have earned the respect and admiration of their peers during their career. The purpose of the Region 2 Hall of Fame is to preserve the history and achievements of the Region 2 community. 
The nomination form is attached and must be returned to me no later than October 16th (email to The Region 2 Hall of Fame Committee will then review the nomination and a final list of inductees will be published, and the class of 2024 will be inducted along with the class of 2023 at a ceremony held at Regional Congress next summer.
Coach: George Lewis (deceased)
Judge: Karen Patoile Wisen (deceased)
Contributor: Lee Bjella (deceased)
Athlete: 1968 Olympian, Joyce Tanac Schroeder

Download the Hall of Fame Nomination form (PDF)


Committee Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2023 (PDF)

2024 Women’s Regional Championship

Select for information on Women’s Regionals: April 12-14 2024

Level 6 Invitational: April 11, 2024

Alaska Airlines Center
3550 Providence Dr. Anchorage, Alaska 99508

Camps Update

Updates to Women’s Program Rules & Policies

USA Gymnastics has approved two items from the 2023 Women’s Technical Committee meeting that will affect the judges’ compensation package as stated in the Women’s Program Rules & Policies. Starting August 1, 2023, the below items will be current:

1. Assigning fee: Increase of $3.00 to $5.00

  • Any assigning fees collected prior to 8/1/23 will reflect the current $3.00/per judge fee.
  • Any assigning fees collected 8/1/23 and after will reflect the new fee of $5.00/per judge fee.

2. Judges hourly rate: Increase of $1.00 per hour for all judges’ ratings (Dev and Xcel)

RACC Newsletter June 30, 2023

Included in this newsletter:

Updated Handbook Region 2 (download the handbook); Note items in the handbook that are highlighted will be official once the National Minutes become official.

As I end my term as RACC, I want to thank all those who worked to help serve our region during my term.  Reflecting over the last eight years, I look back at how much we have accomplished from when I assumed the position. In 2014, we were $6,000 in the red and I am leaving the position with a current balance of $91,000 in the black. A major issue was the lack of athlete apparel for Western and National competitions.  Now, we are a leader and other regions look at us as an example in providing for our athletes.  Our Level 9 athletes have a full outfit, including slides.  The Level 10 athletes have 3 full outfits, including shoes and a suitcase. We expanded camps to include an Inland camp and a hotshot camp. We also wrote a regional handbook, added Level 7 to the Regional meet, hosted Westerns as a fundraiser, allowed for judges substitutions at regionals for Level 7, survived Covid, started multiple fundraisers, added an Xcel Regional meet, developed a website, started a Hall of Fame, encouraged bids from all states for Regionals, and started a monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed.  Thank you to all those who helped the region move forward with all these improvements. I will still be here supporting the region and hope to see you all in the future.

Gymnastically yours,

Marian DeWane,
RACC Region 2


Results from Nationals (download as a doc): We won the Jr F age group and were third in the Sr A age group. We had 6 event champions, 1 AA champion, and 1 2nd place AA.  In Jr F, we took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in Vault! Way to go Region 2!!!  We have improved so much- CONGRATULATIONS to all our coaches for their hard work.


Region 2 Program of the Year- Ascend – Congratulations!

  • The top teams based on points were Ascend, Metropolitan, Pacific Reign, Mountain West and Naydenov. Congratulations to all!


Starting July 1, please direct all your questions to Sandy Flores at



  • Our current balance is 91,000. Checks are still being processed and we should finish the fiscal year at approximately 86 K in the regional account to end the fiscal year.


There will be multiple updates once the May meeting minutes are all published.  I was going to include them here, but they have not finished the approval process.  BE SURE to READ THEM when they come out– there are many changes that will affect your programs. There will be one additional set of minutes coming as I had my last meeting Wednesday, June 28th.  Once the minutes are approved, they will be sent out.



Looking ahead: Region 2 Calendar through 2024

Date Meet Location Host
August 24 – 26, 2023 National Congress San Jose, CA USA Gymnastics
April 12-14, 2024 Dev Regionals Anchorage, Alaska Anchorage Gymnastics
April 19 – 21, 2024 Xcel Regionals Century Link Arena Boise, Idaho Performance Plus
May 3 – 5, 2024 Westerns TBA TBA
May 10 – 12, 2024 Dev Nationals Daytona Beach, FL USA Gymnastics
April 11-13, 2025 Dev Regionals Portland Expo Center Naydenov Gymnastics
April 25 – 27, 2025

Note: Easter is the week after Dev Regionals

Xcel Regionals The Pavilion – Oregon State Fairgrounds Salem, OR The Athletic Edge