Regional Board Meeting

MAC Portland, Oregon
7:00 pm August 12, 2022

RACC Marian DeWane
RTCC Jeanine Henneford
RDPCC Tiffany Quincy
RXCC Dianne Palmer

Alaska SACC Charlene Moss
Hawaii SACC Pam Zak
Idaho SACC Barb DePasquale
Montana SACC Josh Burnham
Oregon SACC Kelsey Kotteck
Washington SACC Sandy Flores

Athlete Rep: Linda Mulvihill
Athlete Rep: Dale Kephart
Regional Congress Chairman: Molly Gill

Meg Doxtator – presentation Regional % by %
NAWGJ-RJD2 Regional Judging Director Priscilla Hickey


7:00 PM Welcome by Marian DeWane


RACC Report Marian reported financials are about $40,000. A new report should be coming from USAG to complete the end of fiscal year. There are no rebates currently.

RTC Report Jeannine reported her committee has been doing lots of judging of new routines. Reminder to states that September 1 the judges list for both Developmental and Xcel with 2 alternates on each list. The new chair of the committee is Linda Thorberg. A suggestion was made to increase feedback for judges when testing.

RXCC Report Dianne reported she is working on scheduling Xcel training camps in mid-Oct to mid-November.  The number of Xcel is growing.

RDPCC Report Tiffany is researching to see if our region 2 qualifying scores have improved to Westerns and Nationals. More athletes qualified this year especially in younger age groups. Vault had the best results. Camps are ready to go. The South camp will be at OMEGA, the North camp at Emerald City, the Inland camp at Dynamic and High Tech at Ascend.  Tiffany is in contact with GK about a new regional color. Tiffany is requesting coaches to PLEASE volunteer to coach at camps. Ascend was National Program of the Year. This was the first program of the Year for Region 2. Region 2 had great results in Hopes and Elite.

Region 2 NAWGJ Report Priscilla presented a handout on NAWGJ.  Level 8 State Team Challenge was a hit and the format worked.  The entry of $600 per state for $3600 resulted in a profit $2000 to fund Priscilla’s office.  She may be Requesting $700 for 2023.

153 active judges in region 2, nationally there are 2200 judges.  We are 7% of total judges.  Discussion was held on encouraging more judges.

When there is an issue with a coach’s behavior a reminder was made to reference the Rules and Policies, and work with the meet referee and meet director.

Dale discussed how coaches talk to athletes about judges makes an impact on whether those athletes will become judges.  Athletes should be taught how to judge while athlete.

Continuing % of % or changing to Score proposal After doing research after the last meeting, Meg brought up a proposal to change the way Level 7 and 8 athletes qualify to regionals.

Motion to change Level 7 and 8 qualifying to the regional meet to a minimum 34 AA with the Regional Committee having the option to add additional athletes to make the meet viable for the host.  The qualifying score for an IES is a 9.0 per event.

Motion Sandy

Second Charlene

Motion 7 for, 0 against



Level 6 Discussion was held on whether or not to include Level 6 in the Regional meet.  No motion was made. Level 6 will remain an invitational.

Xcel qualifying to Regionals Dianne reported about the Regional meet in 2022. From those results a discussion was held on qualifying scores to Regionals.

Motion for Diamonds to remain with a 34.00 AA, change IES to 8.5 and to allow all seniors in high school to qualify regardless of score provided they compete in their respective state meet; for Platinums to remain with a 35.00 AA and to change IES to 8.5, and to allow all seniors in high school to qualify regardless of score provided they compete in their respective state meet; and for Gold to remain a percent of a percent with 4 sessions of 75 athletes per session. (no IES) 

Motion Dianne

Second Charlene



Regional Congress Molly reported it was a lot of work.  There are 150 registrations so far 5 clubs provided demonstrators and the Oregon State office paid for the demonstrators leos.

National Congress – State Chairs meeting Monday August 22,

New Bids Xcel Regionals 2023 One Xcel bid was received. It would be in Everett with the same host but a different venue.

Motion to accept the Xcel bid from Northwest Aerials

Motion Sandy

Second. Josh

Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion Dev Regional 2024 Alaska bid- Discussion was held about moving dates to hold a joint regional meet with the boys. The discussion indicated much concern over the Region 2024 Meet being five weeks before Women’s Nationals. No motion was made to change the date for 2024.

New Business: If you have any nominations for Awards for 2022, please send them to Marian.

State Updates

  • Alaska – no updates
  • Hawaii – no updates
  • Idaho – no updates
  • Montana – very proud of Reese and her accomplishments
  • Oregon – no updates
  • Washington – 2 new on banned on list

Next meeting date High Tech Friday night at 7:00 pm

The minutes above are from the meeting on August 12th… Changes are:


2023 Xcel Regionals will be in Everett Washington and hosted by Northwest Aerials.

Changes were made in qualifying to the Regional meet for Xcel athletes.


Changes were made for qualifying to the Regional meet for Level 7 and 8 athletes.

Level 6 will remain an invitational level.

Besides the minutes, attached is the flier to save the dates for Regional Camps.  Please attend as this is the major fundraiser for the Region and support athlete apparel.

Reminder Calendar 2023

  • Dev Regionals April 13 – 15nin Tacoma hosted by Emerald City
  • Xcel Regionals April 21- 23 in Everett, WA hosted by Northwest Aerials
  • Westerns:Region 2- May 4 -7 TBA
  • Nationals: Region 3 May 11 – 14 TBA

Download the Minutes

Download 2022 Save the Date as a PDF

Region 2 Women’s Program Newsletter Summer 2022

Hello Everyone,

So much going on in all the states!  Judges are testing, camps are going on, congresses and clinics galore are happening, and coaches and athletes are getting adjusted to the updated rules.

Congratulations to Ascend Gymnastics National Club of the Year.

Reminder Regional Congress August 12 – 14 at MAC in Portland.  See this link for the schedule.  It is going to be great!  Region 2 • USA Gymnastics Regional Congress (

Don’t forget to renew your memberships!

We are accepting bids for the 2023 XCEL Regional Meet. The current host had to decline the bid.  Please submit bids by August 10th.  I would like this to be discussed at the Regional Board meeting Friday August 12th.  If you have any questions, please contact me. Dates would be April 21- 23, 2023.

May Women’s Program Meeting Minutes

Administrative Committee wac_051222.pdf (

Technical Committee ntc_051722.pdf (

Development Committee ndpc_051622.pdf (

Xcel Committee nxc_051722.pdf (

Joint Committees ndpc_ntc_051622.pdf ( and nxc_ntc_051722.pdf (


Marian DeWane
PO Box 2137 Boise, Idaho 83701

Results at the 2022 Westerns


Junior 2 – 3rd Place Team

Sarah Neumayer              Bronco Elite        Vault 4th               Bars 6th                                 AA 10th

Kiari Sparks                         Danik                     Vault 9th               Bars 1st

Junior 3 – 3rd Place Team

Lauren Supnet                   Metropolitan     Vault 2nd               Beam 5th               Floor 4th               AA 6th

Analyn Wulff                      Ascend                 Vault 6th               Floor 6th                AA 8th

Makahla McGlon              Emerald City       Vault 5th

Marissa Bewley                Northshore        Vault 8th               Bars 6th

Elora Embleton                 Olympic                Beam 8th               AA 9th

Junior 4

Josie Lynch                     Gym East             Vault 3rd               Bars 1st                 Beam 2nd             AA 1st

Alaina Tiner                        Bronco Elite        Vault 5th              Floor 2nd

Aster Jones                         Westside             Bars 5th

Corrine Roberts                Northshore        Floor 9th

Junior 5

Bianca Lloyd                       Ascend                 Vault 5th               Bars 2nd                Floor 3rd                AA 3rd

Aubrey Korst                      Velocity                                Beam 4th

Junior 6

McKenzie Matsui             Metropolitan     Vault 2nd               Floor 2nd               AA 5th

Olivia Choi                           Pacific Reign       Vault 3rd              Bars 6th

Saturday Results

Junior 7 – 3rd Place Team

Reese Nichols                    Zenith West        Vault 2nd               Bars 4th                                 AA 2nd

Julia Montero                    Denali                   Vault 8th

Gabrielle Steiner              Ascend                 Vault 4th

Kee Ann Cura                     Pacific Reign       Bars 1st


Junior 8 – 2nd Place Team

Alexis Lee                              Ascend                   Vault 4th               Bars 3rd                  Beam 10th              Floor 3rd     AA 2nd

Jordyn Castillo                   Ascend                 Vault 1st                Bars 10th              AA 7th

Giselle Millner                   Naydenov           Vault 3rd               Beam 8th              AA 10th

Campbell DeJong             Gym Stars            Beam 4th

Allison White                     HITS                       Vault 8th

Senior 1- 2nd Place Team

Tianmei Dwyer                  Dynamics             Vault 10th           Beam 8th              Floor 2nd               AA 7th

Ellie Ward                            ABK                        Beam 3rd               Floor 2nd               AA 10th

Victoria Hansen                 Athletic Edge     Vault 7th               Beam 6th

Senior 2 – 3rd Place Team

Leila Dunlavy                     Elevate                 Vault 9th               Beam 8th              AA 6th

Taryn Vally                          Emerald City       Vault 5th               Bars 9th                                 AA 8th

Jaedys Delgado                 NAAG                   Vault 3rd               Beam 4th              Floor 9th               AA 4th

Berkley Gorre                    Advantage          Bars 9th

Senior 3

Verena Wong                    Rainbow              Vault 6th               Beam 2nd              AA 5th

Taylor Hall                           Rigert                    Vault 8th               Beam 6th

Makenzie Madsen           Mt. West             Beam 6th

Senior 4 – 1st Place TEAM

Stella Ebbing                      Naydenov           Bars 1st                 Beam 5th              Floor 2nd               AA 3rd

Annie Murray                    Metropolitan     Vault 5th              Bars 2nd                Floor 10th             AA 6th

Kaelee Wong                     Metropolitan     Vault 7th               Bars 5th                                 AA 9th

Melanie Doroshenko      Mt. West             Vault 3rd

Kylee Carlson                     Coastal Realm    Bars 8th                 Floor 8th

Olivia Lodge                          Bronco Elite          Vault 8th                 Bars 10th                Beam 8th                Floor 8th    AA 5th

Sunday Competition

Senior 5

Leya Naumchuk                 Ascend                 Vault 1st               Bars 9th                 Beam 8th              AA 3rd

Misa Decker                       NAAG                   Vault 7th

Delaney Fiscu                     Naydenov           Bars 4th

Hannah Milne                    TISA                       Beam 10th

Senior 6

Anna Fox                              SWAG                   Vault 2nd               Bars 1st                 Beam 8th              AA 8th

Cadence Cordova             WINGS                 Bars 8th


Senior 7 – 1st Place Team

Emi Haniu                           Gym East             Bars 2nd                Beam 1st               Floor 2nd               AA 1st

Victoria Kramer                 Ascend                 Vault 3rd              Bars 10th               Floor 7th               AA 3rd

Maya Schroeder               Flathead              Bars 10th              Beam 2nd              AA 5th

Jordan Lu                             Emerald City       Vault 7th               Beam 2nd              AA 7th

Katarina Delgado              WINGS                 Vault 3rd               Bars 7th

Leyna Vickers                     CEGW                   Bars 4th                                 Floor 5th

Sara Murphy                      Advantage          Beam 7th

Senior 8 – 2nd place Team

Lucy Toelcke                       Flathead              Vault 10th             Bars 2nd                Beam 1st               AA 2nd

Kenna Morgan                  HITS                       Bars 4th                                 Floor 4th               AA 10th

Rosalind Armstrong        WINGS                 Vault 4th               Floor 10th

Kelsie Harter                      WINGS                 Floor 10th

Hallie Yamamura              HITS                       Bars 3rd

Clark County Event Center

April 21-24, 2022

Clark County Event Center  •  17402 NE Delfel road  •  Ridgefield, WA 986422


$25 per session
$20 seniors and kids
$35 per day
$50 for weekend

Level 6 Invitational Session Times


Open Warmup 10:00 AM
Birthdays on or between
7/31/2010 – 12/31/2018


Open Warmup 1:00 PM
Birthdays on or between
3/11/2009 – 7/30/2010


Open Warmup 4:00 PM
Birthdays on or between
1/1/2001 – 3/10/2009

Level 7-10 Regional Championships

Friday, April 22

Level 8Open Warmup 10:00 AM
Birthdays on or between
2/08/2009 – 12/31/2017
Level 8Open Warmup 1:00 PM
Birthdays on or between
9/29/2007 – 2/7/2009
Level 8Open Warmup 4:00 PM
Birthdays on or between
1/1/2000 – 9/28/2007

Saturday, April 23

Level 9Open Warmup 8:00 AM
Birthdays on or between
SR 2: 12/24/2006 – 3/10/2007
SR 3: 9-9-2006 – 12/23/2006
JR: 6/11/2007 – 12/31/2017
Level 9Open Warmup 11:30 AM
Birthdays on or between
SR 1: 3/11/2007 – 6/10/2007
SR 4 – SR 8: 1/1/2000 – 9/8/2006
Level 10Open Warmup 3:00 PM
Birthdays on or between
9/7/2005 – 12/31/2017
Level 10Open Warmup 5:00 PM
Birthdays on or between
1/1/2000 – 9/6/2005
Level 8 State MeetOpen Warmup 7:30 PM
TBD Friday night after 3rd session.

Sunday, April 24

Level 7Open Warmup 8:00 AM
Birthdays on or between
1/1/2000 – 7/17/2008
Level 7Open Warmup 11:30 AM
Birthdays on or between
7/18/2008 – 11/18/2009
Level 7Open Warmup 3:00 PM
Birthdays on or between
11/19/2009 – 12/31/2017

2022 Regional Meet Age Groups


April 21-24, 2022

Clark County Event Center • 17402 NE Delfel road • Ridgefield, WA 986422


Information Cheat Sheet

Level/Division Qualification to Regionals notes
6 Invitational
7 % of % No score requirement
8 % of % No score requirement
9 34 AA
10 34 AA
Gold % of % No score requirement
Platinum 35 AA
Diamond 34 AA

March 23, 2022 Region 2 Newsletter

Don’t forget – take a check to your state meets for your qualifiers.  DP checks to Naydenov Boosters and Xcel checks to Northwest Aerials. State Chairs or a designee will be working with  you to enter athletes at the meet.

Level 6 Invite – we are almost full. Registration will close March 30.  Remember- send payment to
Region 2 co/Marian DeWane
PO Box 2137 Boise, Idaho 83701.
Sessions will be 10:00 am, 1:00, and 4:00.  All registered athletes will be sorted by age groups just like regionals (3 age groups per session).

Commemorative leotards for Regionals – please share this link with all your parents.  All proceeds go to the Region 2 apparel fund.

DP Regionals – The Schedule will not be final until after state meets and entries are in.  Planned times:

Call Kevin at Naydenov 360-944-4444 if you want to arrange times to work out in the gym.

Friday Open workout at competition site 8:00 – 10:00 for 9 and 10 athletes ONLY You MUST SIGN UP (Text Chad at 360-600-2278 club name and number of athletes)

Level 8 – 3 sessions at 10:00 am, 1:00, and 4:00

Region 2 Gathering from 9 – 11 pm Snacks provided by Region

Saturday Level 9, 10 and Level 8 State Team 1st session starts 8 am other times TBA after the number of qualifiers are known

Sunday Level 7 – 3 sessions 8:00 am, 11:30 and 3:00

Level 9 Coaches – Reminder location change to Salt Lake City.

Workout for Region 2 is Thursday from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Level 10 Coaches – Opening ceremonies are THURSDAY

Workout for Region 2 is Friday from 12:00 – 2:30

Coaches Store for Westerns and Nationals: orders due April 1

Link to Store

Parent/Fan Store Orders due April 1

Link to Store

February 2022 Newsletter

Dear Region 2,

In this newsletter:
Level 6 Invite
Regional Congress
Bids 2024
Senior List
Thank you’s
Regional Meets
State Committee Chairman Elections
Download the SACC Nomination form_2022 Here

January 2022 Newsletter

See the Full Newsletter for Updates on:

  • Level 6 Regional Invitational
  • Send in your Senior’s information
  • Regional DP Levels 7, 8 and Xcel Gold
  • Thank you for Donations
  • Athlete Apparel
  • Professionalism
  • Elections, Nomination Forms
  • Current Chairs
  • Program Season Reminders
    • Xcel
    • Complusory
    • DP Optionals
  • Regional Calendar
  • State Meet Calendar
  • Future Calendars

Link to the Newsletter Page

Download the Full Newsletter (PDF)

December 2021 Newsletter

I hope this Newsletter finds you well and looking forward to the 2022 season.

USAG updated policies on Covid protocols.  Please see sanction_nonnational.pdf ( to read the document.  Essentially, it is now saying for state and regional meets only the local CDC guidelines need to be met.  Westerns and Nationals will still have a mask mandate requirement in place. We are experiencing a COVID surge, but you are well prepared to have the necessary protocols in place to provide a safe event for the athletes; coaches; officials; staff; families and friends.

USA Gymnastics has updated COVID guidance to assist event directors and participants.

As the season progresses – the protocols for the 2022 Regional Championships will be monitored and shared with the membership.

Updated COVID guidance Link

There are several items that require your attention as we move into 2022:

Most important! Do you have SENIORS in high school? We need a  LIST for Level 7,8, 9, and 10 and Xcel Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  Sadly, last year there were athletes at regionals who came at the end of awards when we asked if there was anyone else and said they were a senior and we did NOT have them listed. There was at least one every session!  PLEASE send me your names.  We also want to make sure we have enough senior gifts for them.

U 112 Tough Coaching or Emotional Abuse Course Link

Failure to complete this course by January 10, 2022, will result in your membership being placed in pending status. Review membership requirements here .

USA Gymnastics offers Health Insurance benefits Link

Save the date- Regional Congress dates are August 13 and 14 at the MAC Club in Portland.  Testing for Nationals and Brevet judges will be provided.  There will also be a U200 course offered. More to come.

Sad news- Merge Eilers, a longtime judge in Washington, has passed away.

Thank you to everyone who help to support the leotard fundraiser.  We made $4500!  Our other fundraiser is going great! Please put it out to your parents and have your clubs donate.  So far, we have club donations from Emerald City Gymnastics, Island Tumblers, Naydenov Boosters, and PEAK.  We also have several donations from families.

In closing, thank you for your commitment to USA Gymnastics Region 2.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022,

Marian DeWane

Link to download the full newsletter (.docx)

November 2021 Newsletter

Updates on:

  • Attire
  • Question
  • Medical
  • Volunteers
  • Music
  • Courses
  • Camps and Thank you’s  
  • Fundraising
  • Calendar

Please see the full text on the Newsletters page

Hello Region 2,

IMPORTANT:  High Tech Date Change (This the 3rd and final date announcement)

High Tech            October 23-24th                Metropolitan      Kent, WA (please note)

My sincere apologies for the confusion on the dates for High Tech.  There has been many obstacles and commitments that needed to be worked around. My goal this year has been to get a date that all clubs can and will participate.  This will be a great experience for not only the athletes but also the coaches to work together.  This is the date that gives the best chance at a majority of club participation.)

Oct 2-3rd              Super Camp North           Emerald City- Redmond, WA Registration open on USA Gymnastics

SUPER NORTH (Download the PDF)







Oct 16-17th          Super Camp South           Naydenov-Vancouver WA Registration open on USA Gymnastics

SUPER SOUTH (Download the PDF)







Nov 20-21st         High Tech                           Metropolitan, Kent WA (This date has changed from Nov. 13-14th)  Date change-see above

Who can attend Super Camp?  Level 6’s safely training level 7 skills and Level 7-10.

Who can attend High Tech?  Level 9 Western Qualifiers and Level 10 Regional qualifiers.  If your athlete did not compete last year due to Covid or injury, please send me an email request and I will submit to my committee to review.  The criteria is in place to make for a quality camp, not to exclude people who had a difficult year due to Covid, illness or injury.

Safe Training!

Tiffany Quincy
RDPCC Region 2

Good morning all State and Regional Administrative chairs,

I have been asked to share the below with you from USAG’s Safe Sport department:

As most of you are aware, USA Gymnastics released our updated 2021 USA Gymnastics Safe Sport policy in August. This policy builds and expands on the previous policy, and was created in accordance and compliance with the U.S. Center for Safe Sport and includes all mandatory components of the Center’s model policy, the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Polices (MAAPP).

The updated policy adds a couple of new requirements for State and Regional Committees, outlined below.

  • All state and region websites MUST provide a link to both reporting portals of the U.S. Center for SafeSport and USA Gymnastics. The links to both portals can be accessed below. The links do not have to be located in a specific location on the website, nor are they required to have more prominence than other links on the page.  It is essential that they are visible and can be located easily by a random user of the website. Both portals need to indicate which agency the link applies to. For example, “Click here to make a report to the Center for SafeSport” or “To make a report to USA Gymnastics click here.”
  • Additionally, the Center for SafeSport is requiring that anyone with regular contact and/or authority over minors who works at a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event, must be given access to a letter that highlights the basic tenets of the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy. To meet this requirement, USA Gymnastics has taken steps to reach all members regardless of status at an event. We are asking for all State and Regional Committees to post a link to this letter on their website for easy access for meet directors, and anyone else in need of the information. Communicating Safe Sport policy is required per federal mandate and a part of the audit standards imposed by the Center. The letter should be titled, “USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Letter”

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at

Christy Naik
USA Gymnastics
Women’s Development Program Director

Good evening National, Regional and State chairs,

I am excited to share some #NGD2021 content for you to start sharing with your communities.

  • Instagram Live Promo Graphic
    • Here is a new graphic for your feed you are encouraged to share to help promote club/gymnast participation in our Q&A’s on Saturday!

  • Social Media Caption Examples
    • Have a Throwback graphic ready but don’t know how to caption it? No worries! Here is a list of suggested copy points. Feel free to tinker with the language to deliver the appropriate message for you!
  • Reminders for the Day
    • Remember to share your Throwback/ThenvsNow graphics and tag us (@usagym) and use the hashtag! (#NGD2021)
      • We will be re-sharing various posts that do this throughout the day
      • We are giving away 5 prize packs featuring signed memorabilia, official gear and more to U.S.-based community members that participate
    • For general information:
    • Day 2 of Worlds Selection competition for Men’s Artistic will also be going on during NGD (4:30 ET), and we will be live streaming from Colorado Springs!

Also, be sure to check your inbox tomorrow morning for the much anticipated 2021 National Gymnastics Day video for you to share with your communities.



September 18, 2021

Good morning all National, Regional and State chairs,

HAPPY NATIONAL GYMNASTICS DAY!!!  I hope you all take some time to celebrate our sport today… if you have any fun pictures of activities taking place at your gym, feel free to send them my way and I will pass onto the communications department to possibly be included in social media posts, etc.

Feel free to share the below video with your communities, post to your accounts, and have fun with it!  I am so excited to share this video that showcases our sport from the GRASSROOTS level!

  • Static “National Gymnastics Day” Video for Feed
    • Celebrating grassroots aspect of our sport, will need to push to IGTV if posting for Instagram, as it is longer than a minute.
    • LINK to download and share!

Also, my #NGD2021 graphic for your enjoyment:



Region 2 Newsletter September 7, 2021

What is in the Newsletter:

Xcel Qualifying to Regionals

Support Training Camps

New Membership requirements

Using Meet Reservations

Meet Directors – what’s new

TOPS Qualifiers


Xcel Qualifying to Regionals

  • 1 – 2 sessions of Diamond Friday night with 34.0 QS
  • 4 sessions of Gold with 60 each on Saturday using a % of a %
  • 2 – 3 sessions of Platinum on Sunday with a 35.0 QS



Tiffany and a subcommittee have been hard at work to put these together.  Please support their efforts by attending.  Sign up on meet reservations.  😊



New Course Requirements: This season, USA Gymnastics will introduce two new educational courses that certain membership roles will be required to complete as a condition of membership.

Look at the table here requirements_table.pdf ( to review which roles will be required to complete the U112: Tough Coaching or Emotional Abuse Course and the U113: USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy Course.



Meet Reservation is a requirement for all USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. Check out meet reservation_0820.pdf ( for step-by-step instructions.


NEW this season, Meet Directors are able to scan USA Gymnastics members’ membership cards to view their membership status in real-time. This new feature will allow meet directors/sanction administrators the ability to verify memberships quickly if an individual was not previously registered for their event.

  • Judges must be entered into the sanction by the event director, sanction administrator, or Meet Referee.
  • Event directors or sanction administrators must also add on-site and late entries (athletes, coaches, and judges) into the Meet Reservation system.
  • We are unable to accept sign-in sheets generated by outside meet registration or scoring companies. Please use the coaches’ and judges’ sign-in sheets provided in your sanction forms.


Region 2 Congratulates all the following who are going to National TOPS! HITS had 9 Qualifiers and OGC had 6!  Way to go!  Advantage placed one on the Diamond Team!


2021 TOPS Testing Qualifiers

8 Year Olds:

Brooklyn Hardman           Ascend Gymnastics

Halle Bugeaud                   Cascade Elite

Ariah-Juliana Sanchez     Hawaiian Island Twisters

Luna Bird                             Hawaiian Island Twisters

Jaelya Appleton                Hawaiian Island Twisters

Kaiya Ichimura                   Hawaiian Island Twisters

Jaelyn West                        Olympic (OGC)

Kaley Blandford                Rigert Elite Gymnastics

Emily Mendoza                 SWAG


9 Year Olds

Analea Patalau                  Ascend Gymnastics

Georgia Carr                       Avant Coeur Gymnastics

La’iakea Reyes                   Hawaiian Island Twisters

Julie Bracamontes            Metropolitan Gymnastics

Talia Davis                           Olympic (OGC)

Emma Soeu                        Zenith West


10 Year Olds

Sadie Drake                        Advantage Gymnastics Center

Elizabeth Herbison           Advantage Gymnastics Center

Addie Lewis                        Advantage Gymnastics Center

Lexi Vanderlinde              Ascend Gymnastics

Maddie Moeller                Cascade Elite

Cassie Tan                           Cascade Elite West Gymnastics

Riley Dow                            Danik Gymnastics

Kinslee Keopple                Hawaiian Island Twisters

Kaleah Sanchez                 Hawaiian Island Twisters

Michaela Louie                  Hawaiian Island Twisters

Olivia Morrice                    Hawaiian Island Twisters

Janella Velarmino             Metropolitan Gymnastics

Allie Moore                         NAAG

Trinaty Atkinson               Olympic (OGC)

Eirabella Vicente              Olympic (OGC)

Maxie Long                         Olympic (OGC)

Rylee Powell                       Olympic (OGC)

Khalyah Mantanoa-Banks               SWAG

Madeleine Hoare              Technique Gynastics

Anna Blake                          Zenith West Gymnastics

Diamond Team

Charlotte Elzinga              Advantage Gymnastics Center


Calendar REGION 2

Inland Camp September 25 – 26                                 Dynamics             Spokane, WA

North Camp October 2 – 3                                            Emerald City       Redmond, WA

South Camp October 16 – 17                                       Naydenov           Vancouver, WA

High Tech Camp October 23 – 24                                Metropolitan     Kent, WA

DP Regionals April 21 – 24                                            Naydenov           Clark County Event Center Vancouver, WA

Xcel Regionals April 29 – May 1                                  NW Aerials          Gary D. Weikel Event Center Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA

DP Westerns May 6 – 8                                                  Lindenwood U   St. Charles, Missouri

DP Nationals May 13 – 15                                             TBA

Region 2 Newsletter August 25, 2021

Welcome to a NEW season!  Lots of new changes with the compulsories and membership.  If you have any questions, please let me know. Westerns will be in St. Charles, MO this year.  The closest airport is St. Louis (STL) and is 7 miles (10 km) away. Nationals location is hopefully going to be announced soon.

Olympics! Congratulations to Jordan Chiles- a Silver Team medal! Wahoo! Also coming to Region 2, at Oregon State University will be Jade Carey, who won Gold on floor exercise.

The new compulsory exam is ready. to link to the registration page.

Calendar Updates REGION 2 Look for fliers from Tiffany Quincy!

Inland Camp September 25 – 26                                 Dynamics             Spokane, WA

North Camp October 2 – 3                                            Emerald City       Redmond, WA

South Camp October 16 – 17                                       Naydenov           Vancouver, WA

High Tech Camp October 23 – 24                                Metropolitan     Kent, WA

DP Regionals April 21 – 24                                            Naydenov           Clark County Event Center Vancouver, WA

Xcel Regionals April 29 – May 1                                  NW Aerials          Gary D. Weikel Event Center Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA

DP Westerns May 6 – 8                                                  Lindenwood U   St. Charles, Missouri

DP Nationals May 13 – 15                                             TBA

On another note:

I feel it is important to address a concern that impacts the competitive choices for a gymnastics club. As a private business, it is your decision to participate in any organization/s you choose. It is also important to determine the accuracy of the messaging from those organizations, particularly if they reference USA Gymnastics. The USA Gymnastics State / Regional / National Committees have worked tirelessly to provide a safe – organized and educational program for the entire membership. Our focus has always been on the growth and development of all programs with an emphasis on grass roots initiatives. We have emphasized the educational components needed to nurture this philosophy. Typically, I would not address this publicly, but there is misinformation that some of these groups are broadcasting about our organization.  The messaging is incorrect, and I would suggest a closer look at their rhetoric. As always, thank you for your continued support of USA Gymnastics Region 2.


Wishing you all a healthy and successful season,

Marian DeWane, RACC

August 26, 2021 Updated Calendar

Updated WAG Calendar

July 2021 Region 2 Newsletter

A HUGE thank you to Linda Mulvihill for all her 27 years of service as RTCC for Region 2!

Regional News: 2023 Host of Xcel Regionals – NAAG in Eugene and 2023 Host of DP Regionals is Emerald City.

Lots of changes coming this fall!  The minutes of the various meetings are attached. Some of the changes are noted below: Read the minutes for all changes.


  • Raise maximum for state entry fee for Xcel Bronze, Silver, and gold to $85
  • Raise maximum for state entry fee for Xcel Platinum and Gold, and all DP to $95


  • The gymnasts can wear black Lycra shorts over their competition leotards. The black Lycra shorts must be plain. No adornments, jewels, colors, or large logos.
  • The gymnasts can wear multiple stud earnings in their ears.


  • Level 7 Vault: For “Failure to land on any part of the bottom of the feet first”
    1. No Deduction for Tsukahara and Yurchenko entry vaults
    2. VOID for Front Handspring entry VAULT


  • NEW – Any gymnast who has had previous competitive experience in any system (including USA Gymnastics) and who is a minimum of 12 years of age is eligible to petition for entry into Level 7 and below by submitting a formal written request to the State Administrative Committee.

Reminder to sign up for Regional Congress.  We are focusing on compulsories this year and have Tom Koll coming! Friday is with athletes– sign up at USAG. See the flier!

Region 2 Calendar: 2021 – 2022  SAVE THE DATES   *Hot shots TBA

August 12-14                     Congress              OMEGA                Beaverton, OR

September 25-26             Inland Camp       Dynamics             Spokane, WA

October 2-3                        North Camp        Emerald City      Redmond, WA

October 16 -17                 South Camp        Naydenov           Vancouver, WA

November 13 – 14           High Tech            Metropolitan     Kent, WA

April 22 – 24                       DP Regional        Naydenov           Vancouver, WA

April 29 – May 1                 Xcel Regional       NW Aerials       Everett, WA



National Admin Committee Meeting Minutes (May 2021)


Region 2 Newsletter June 7, 2021

  1. Old Compulsories and move up meets:  The old compulsories can be used until July 31 for move up meets.  After that date, the new compulsories must be used.  Once the new season of memberships opens (in a week or so), once joined, the membership is active and those athletes CAN be in move up meets etc. even though it is not August 1.
  2. Region 2 color has changed to turquoise for the next 3 years.  😊
  3. Regional Congress is not sponsored by USAG this year.  It will be sanctioned so everyone can get hours if you need them.  On Friday will be athletes Level 5, 4, 3 with Tom Koll and helpers going over the routines.  The focus will be beam and floor.  Cost per athlete will be $60.  (Athletes will need to have joined USAG for the 2021 – 2022 year since it is after August 1.) This will be limited in number at each level so register early on USAG.  Please make sure levels are correct when registering your athletes.

Saturday will be coaches and judges with Tom Koll going over routines.  Questions and answers, judging demonstrations, will be part of the clinic.  Sunday will open time to go over routines and there will be judging films and special lectures. Cost will be $100 per person.  Check out the attached flier! If you bring more than 5, it is $75 each.

  1. Regional Committee Meeting is June 9 at 8:00 am. If you have any comments, please direct it to your state chairman. Agenda includes:
    • Reports from chairs on their meetings: Linda, Dianne, Tiffany, Marian
    • Apparel Level 9 and 10: Tiffany and Marian

– Level 9

– Level 10

            – Athlete apparel for clubs that do not support regional events

    • Club of the Year Points – Suggestions to change/add a few items: Tiffany
    • Agenda item from Patti Gable about judges for Xcel regionals: Dianne
    • Xcel qualifying to Regionals and Regional Awards
    • Regional Congress: Marian
      Download Registration Form for Region 2 Congress (PDF)
    • Schedule for fall clinics: Tiffany
    • Bids 2023: DP – Emerald City, Northwest Aerials, Performance Plus Events; Xcel – Metheny Enterprises (NAAG)
    • Awards

Newsletter Region 2 May 2, 2021

Newsletter Contents:
  1. Voting
  2. Coaching attire
  3. Thank you to Gym 406 and Performance Plus Events
  4. Next year qualifying DP regional meet
  5. Compulsory Update
  6. National Congress
  7. Regional Congress
  8. Future news
  9. Message from Tiffany
  1. Voting for DP Chairman is still open through May 4. Your vote does not carry over from the first election- you must revote in the runoff election. Please vote. You have two excellent candidates: Brent Phelps from Ascend and Tiffany Quincy from OMEGA.


  1. Good luck to everyone headed to Westerns and Nationals. Coaches remember – p.21 C2 of the R and P: no hats, athletic shoes, Athletic warm-up pants or dockers (no jeans) and must be of reasonable length (No holes, tears or short shorts), and collared shirts, business casual or T shirts (No spaghetti straps, low cut tops or midriffs showing).  Please show your support of the region and be in Region 2 apparel.


  1. Thank you to our two regional hosts – DP – Gym 406 and Xcel – Performance Plus Events.  Both events were great!  The Level 6 invite was a success – thank you to all who participated!  This will be a continuing event – we made enough in entry fees after paying bills to outfit our level 10’s for Nationals. Yea!  From the sale of Leos at regionals, we helped outfit our Level 9 athletes.  Thank you to Shay Garner from GK and all you that bought them! We have 55 Level 10’s going to Florida and 77 Level 9’s going to Iowa.


  1. Next year, we will be going back to our traditional qualifying for the Regional Meet: Level 9 and 10 need a 34 at their state meet, Level 7 and 8 will both be percent of a percent to fill 3 sessions of 8 and 3 or 4 sessions of Level 7.  The regional committee will firm up number of sessions for Level 7 in their next meeting.  Next year DP Regionals are hosted by Naydenov in the Portland Area and Xcel Regionals are hosted by Northwest Aerials in the Seattle area.


  1. Compulsory Update:

Compulsory workshop Reno event: cost $385 and includes all online materials.

  • There is still space both live (it is half full) and virtual. The online version will be streamed live BUT will also be recorded ONLY for those with virtual access and will be available for 1 week after the event.
  • Those who preorder the compulsory book but do not attend, they will be shipped books after the Reno event ends.  FYI – If purchasing the materials, the big book is 75 and the mini version is 50.  The online materials will be $125 if you do not attend the workshop either virtual or in-person.
  • The mini books are what will be given to those who register for the events.  If attending live, you will get them at the event and if virtual, they will be shipped so you have them within the week of the event. The Monday after the event, all the materials in your USAG will be able to be accessed such as the music, videos of the routines, etc.  There is a Spanish version of the compulsory book being made.

All materials such as the compulsory online book will NOT be downloadable as an iBook onto an iPad.  It will always have to be accessed through USAG each time you want to use it, that way it will be always updated but it also means you will have to be online and logged into USAG every time you want to access it through your membership profile page.

The new compulsory exams for judges will be online.  More details will come out later.

For those wants to sanction mobility meets for the old Level 4 and 5 compulsories, this can be done through July 31st.  The new compulsories will begin August 1.


  1. National Congress:

National Congress will be held with Olympic Trials.  Information will be coming out next week.  They are waiting on a finalized schedule to post.

  1. Regional Congress:

Regional Congress will be held at OMEGA in Beaverton August 13 – 15.  August 13th will be a compulsory boot camp for athletes. More details will come out after Nationals.  Each chairman is working on their respective track for Saturday and Sunday. 😊 I am looking forward to seeing you all there!

  1. News:

When the DP optional and Xcel programs change in 2022, there is discussion of only 1 code.  If you are in favor let Linda and Dianne know before their meetings in May.


From Tiffany:

Congratulations to everyone for making a success out of a difficult year.  It was inspiring to see how hard your athletes have worked to keep their passion for gymnastics alive.  Good luck to all of our Region 2 qualifiers!

This summer brings us our new compulsory routines.  We are working on adding workshops for the compulsory gymnasts/coaches over the summer.  It has been proposed to add an athlete day to Region 2 congress for compulsory review and instruction. Some type of an athlete day would be a great jump start to the new routines and help for anyone who is unable to attend the Compulsory Workshops.

The National Committee meeting is just around the corner at Level 10 Nationals.  I have had several excellent suggestions for topics to add to the committee’s agenda. Please send me any of your ideas for the National meeting agenda, as well as feedback and ideas for the Region.  If we all work together, we can make changes and make a difference.

Safe Training!

DP Regional Rotations

2021 Age Charts

Download the PDFs:

Region 2 Newsletter


Updates on:

  1. Elections
  2. Regional Meets
  3. Western and National Age Groups
  4. Region 2 Apparel Store
  5. Petitions
  6. Western and National Workout times for Region 2
  7. Athlete GK apparel measurements
  8. Destira Fundraiser

Link to Full Newsletter

Region 2 Newsletter



The Xcel Regional Championships will be held in Boise, ID – April 23 – 25, 2021 at Idaho Central Arena (formerly Century Link Arena). It is in Downtown Boise.  233 S Capital Blvd, Boise, ID 83702

Performance Plus Events is the meet host and more information can be found on their website regarding cost, schedule, host hotels:


Qualifying Score Information:

Qualifying scores must occur at your Xcel state meet.  If no state meet is held then the athlete may use a qualifying score from any sanctioned meet (in-person or virtual) during the season.

State chairs are responsible for entering the qualified athletes immediately after their state meet.  Clubs should have one check per club addressed to Performance Plus Events.

NEW Qualifying Scores:  

GOLD:     34.00 AA


DIAMOND:  32.00 AA


Short and Sweet this week!

Happy flipping!

Marian DeWane, RACC Region 2

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