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Region 2 Newsletter January 2023

The 2023 season is underway and off to a great start.

The next Regional Board Meeting is April 13.  If you have any items you want discussed, please send them to me by March 1.  The agenda needs to be approved and sent out by April 1.

There are a few extra Snowflake Leotards from the winter sale – please share with parents. Check this link to order. They will be mailed directly to parents.


Meet Directors: Reminders as we begin a new year: (page numbers are from the Rules and Policies)

  • Read the updated sanction forms after you print them – You may not do open scoring on compulsories or Xcel (rules and policies).
  • Be aware of the fines associated with sessions having too many gymnasts or other violations. You could lose your ability to host a meet for the next competitive season. (pages 27 and 28)
  • Numbers of allowed gymnasts Xcel only reference chart page 60; Dev and combined reference chart page 96. (Meet ref’s – you should copy these 2 pages)
  • Make sure gymnasts, coaches, and judges are in proper dress (athletes page 17, coaches page 19, and judges page 21)
  • It is the meet director’s responsibility to make sure no babies, dogs etc. are on the competition floor.
  • Athletes from other sessions cannot be on the floor rotating with their team. They need to be in the stands.

Coaches and Judges from Dianne and Jeanine

A Pit Pillow is NOT allowed for mounts, dismounts or landings on any event –

See Chapter 11 page 128 X.G. (R and P)



  • Xcel Gold – important info re: casts and circling elements – Page 10 of the Xcel Code of Points
  • Xcel Bar Dismounts: Squat-on. “A” #2.102 Stretch jump forward dismount “A”. # 8.004. This combination results in 2 “A” Value Parts


  • Level 6 – 1.0 deduction not landing feet (it is not a void vault)


  • There is no floor pattern deduction at any level of Xcel.
  • Straight jump is not a skill but a straight jump half turn is an A.


  • mounts – in Xcel – any mount is an A (This is NOT in Dev Program)

Region 2 Athlete Information

  • Current Senior List Attached: If you are missing an athlete, let me know. We have over 100 seniors!
  • Coaches of Level 9 and 10 athletes – please send these links to your athletes for sizes.

Level 10
Level 9


Reminder Regional Qualifying Scores

Dev: (Reminder Level 8 Friday, Levels 9 and 10 Saturday, and Level 7 Sunday)

  • Level 10 – 34.00 AA and 9.0 IES
  • Level 9 – 34.00 AA and 9.0 IES
  • Level 8 – 34 AA with the Regional Committee having the option to add additional athletes to make the meet viable for the host. The qualifying score for an IES is a 9.0 per event.
  • Level 7 – 34 AA with the Regional Committee having the option to add additional athletes to make the meet viable for the host. The qualifying score for an IES is a 9.0 per event.



  • Diamond – 34.00 AA: IES to 8.5 and all seniors in high school to qualify regardless of score provided they compete in their respective state meet.
  • Platinum – to remain with a 35.00 AA: IES to 8.5, and all seniors in high school to qualify regardless of score provided they compete in their respective state meet.
  • Gold – to remain a percent of a percent with 4 sessions of 75 athletes per session. (no IES)

Elections for RACC are in 2023. The February newsletter will have the nomination form. The following is for information only.


Elections for the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC) will be conducted the year before the Olympic Games. Elections are to be completed by May 15th and term of office begins July 1st. They shall serve for four (4) years.



March 1st Deadline: Call for nominations must be posted to regional & national websites
April 1st Deadline: All nominations must be submitted to NACC
April 15th ·         Candidates resume deadline

·         NACC sends WDPD slate of nominees + resume for each candidate

April 30th Memberships must be valid to vote
May 1st Voting to begin at
May 15th Voting to take place online

·         NACC to notify all candidates no later than 1 week after completion of election

July 1st 2023-2024 RACC term begins


  • March 1st: Call for nominations must be published and/or posted online for a minimum of one month prior to the submission deadline of April 1st. Nominations for the position of RACC to be sent to the National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC).
    • April 1st – 15th: NACC must verify that each nominee meets the criteria for nomination, has agreed to run, understands the job requirements, and has submitted a brief résumé (no more than 300 words, no photos).
    • April 15th: Candidate resume due
  • April 15th: NACC electronically sends to the Women’s Development Program Director the name, city and state and the résumé of each candidate in a Microsoft Word document.
    • If a region does not need to conduct an election because there is only one candidate, that information is also to be sent to the Women’s Development Program Director.
  • The official Slate of Nominees for each Region will be posted on the USA Gymnastics website to begin voting by May 1st. The voting will be concluded on May 15th.
    • No limit to the number of nominees per region.
    • Voters can only vote for 1 person for each position.
    • Voters can only vote 1 time for each position
  • The week after May 15th, the NACC will receive all region’s election results by email, including the actual vote counts if any of the candidates want to know this information.  The NACC will notify all the candidates of the election results.
  • If a run-off election is necessary – the Women’s Development Program Director will work with the NACC on the procedures.


Region 2 Calendar: (Reminder Dev Regionals Level 8 Friday, Levels 9 and 10 Saturday, and Level 7 Sunday) Level 8 State NAWGJ Saturday night

Date Meet Location Host
April 14 – 16, 2023 Dev Regionals Tacoma, WA Emerald City
April 21 – 23, 2023 Xcel Regionals Everett, WA Northwest Aerials
May 4 – 7, 2023 Westerns Boise, ID Performance Plus Events
May 11 – 14, 2023 Dev Nationals Oklahoma City, OK USA Gymnastics
April 12-14, 2024 Dev Regionals Anchorage, Alaska Anchorage Gymnastics
April 19 – 21, 2024 Xcel Regionals Boise, Idaho Performance Plus


Bids for 2025 Regionals are due April 1 to bid form: see attached.

  • Dev Regionals 2025 April 11-13
  • Xcel Regionals 2025 April 25 – 27

Happy Flipping and Handstanding!

Marian DeWane, RACC
PO Box 2137
Boise, Idaho 83701
(208) 602-5336

Congratulations to our 2023 Seniors:

Last Name First name Level Club
Albanese Cadence XD Grace
Amman Julia 8 Helena
Anderson Jasmine 9 GymEast
Anderson Elizabeth 8 AIM
Applehans Jillian XP Denali
Ashford Ali XP Advantage Gymnastics
Baker Asia XD Spokane
Belay Marcellas 7 Gymnastics Unlimited
Berrett Ava 8/XD PEG
Birbeck Ava 7 Metro
Blackford Abby XP Advantage Gymnastics
Blea Bella 10 Athletic Edge
Borer Ella XP CEG West
Buchanan Clara 9 Hawaiian Island Twisters
Buell Carly 10 Ascend
Bunsen-Riffle Randi XD Denali
Clark Jordan 8 Great Falls
Cordova Cadence 10 WINGS
Coverston Mirabel XD Emerald City
Dahm Alexis 9 Klamath Falls
Dale Sarah XD AIM
Davenport Sarah 10 Hawaiian Island Twisters
Delgado katarina 10 WINGS
Derr Kelsey 9 CEGW
Dietz Audrey 9 Denali
Downey Madison 9 Athletic Edge
Duong Kaelee 10 Emerald City
Fish Ellie XD Emerald City
Fitzcharles Ellie XG OGA
Fletcher Ciara XP Ascend
Forseth Lexi 9 Metro
Forsnes Meren XD Spokane
Fox Anna 10 SWAG
Freeman Hailey 9 Dynamic
Fritz Haley XP Denali
Fullmer Ramie XD Diamond Peak
Gilman Kylie 9 Dynamic
Gordon Sophia XP The Gymnastics Connection
Gray Avery 8 Bainbridge
Greenley Jaala 7 Lone Mountain
Hammer Jahzrael XG STEP
Hanson Kylynn 9 Gymnastics Northwest
Hanui Emi 10 Gym East
Harris Nicole 8 Ascend
Healy Yana XD Grace
Hildebrandt Sydney 9 Jewarts
Hirai Aiko XD Gym East
Hitchcock Avery 9 NAAG
Hurley Makayla XP WINGS
Hvass Payton XD 360
Jensen Addison XD NGTC
Jones Imani XP WINGS
Kaheaku Madison 9 Rainbow
Klingenstein Elise XP Ascend
Larson Kyra 8 Crystals
Lawrence Kathryn XD Spokane
Leage Ashlie 10 CEGW
Littlefield Paige XD Ascend
Logan Alexa XP CEGW
Lovett Jordyn 8 CEGW
Lu Jordan 10 Emerald City
Lum Macie 9 Hawaiian Island Twisters
Luna Alea XP Ascend
Luu Lauren 10 Gym East
MacDonald Shannon XD Gym East
Mackrory Lily XP OGA
Macky Laila XP Emerald City
Marantz Renata XP Kokokahi
McDowell Jamie XD Ascend
Meeks Maya XD Spokane
Miller Megan 9 MISMO
Morrison Breya XD Ascend
Morrow Megan 9 Dynamic
Murphy Maddie 10 Dynamic
Murphy Sara 9 Advantage Gymnastics
Olliffe Elizabeth “Liz” XP Bainbridge
Olson Taryn XD GEMS
Olsson Emma 9 Island Tumblers
Oswald Sydney XP Bainbridge
Ota Grace 8 Pantheon
Page Katarina 9 Dynamic
Palaniuk McKenzie XD GEMS
Palmero Aubrey XD Ascend
Passey AlianaMarie XP Ascend
Perry Ava 9 Rainbow
Pettyjohn Keana XP GEMS
Pickle Elizabeth “Libby” XP Bainbridge
Pizl Allison 8 Crystals
Podolak Caitlyn 7 Crystals
Predmore Alyssa 9 Emerald City
Preston Alex XD Mountain West
Prock Marisa 10 Emerald City
Ramsey Samantha 8 OOA Gymnastics
Reardon Olivia 10 Ascend
Roach Cami XP Ascend
Schmidt Kaiya XD Mountain West
Schroeder Maya 10 Flathead
Selle Rue XP GyMagine
Smith Hailey 9 Redmond Gymnastics
Stolfus Gracie 8 Flathead
Stones Macie 10 Athletic Edge
Stutzke Emma 9 Dynamic
Suquet Kalena 9 PEG
Thornton Allie 8 Denali
Vanderhorst Madison XP CEGW
Vaz Kaitlyn 10 Athletic Edge
Vickers Leyna 10 CEGW
Walker Katie XD Bothel
Wand Hannah XD Gym East
Watts Sophia 7 Metro
Werner Hailey 8 The Gym-Nest
Wierschke Lauren XD Bothel
Wilson Kira 10 Dynamic
Wilson Ellawyn XP Dynamic
Wong Madison 9 Kokokahi
Wynn Kyla R CEGW
Yuen Aki 9 Emerald City
Zbrankova Julie XP OGA

November 2022 Download the USAG Financial Report Form:

USAG Financial Report Form

Download the State-Regional Sectional Bid Form:


Photos from South Camp

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