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USA Gymnastics National Hall of Fame – Region 2 Inductees

Linda Mulvihill Inducted  Class 2022

Dale Kephart Inducted  Class 2022

Congratulations to 2015 USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Inductees from Region 2!

Mohini Bhardwaj – Athlete, and Doug Hills –Contributor/Lifetime Achievement.
They will be inducted at the 2015 National Congress.

Mohini B Doug
2015 Mohini Bhardwaj – Athlete 2015 Doug Hills
Contributor/Lifetime Achievement

We would also like to congratulate past inductees from our region:
(All information and photos are from USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame- read more for complete info)

Yoshi Yuliya
Yoshi Hayasaki, class of 2014, Athlete, Coach.  Was champion gymnast at UW Yuliya Hall Brown, class of 2013, member of the 2007 Women’s Tumbling World Championship Team. Idaho Falls/ Idaho Elite Gymnastics.
Elise Tracee
 Elise Ray, class of 2007, Athlete, current assistant coach at UW.  Tracee Talavera, class of 1998, Athlete, Olympian  (Mulvihills)
Julianne Joyce
Julianne McNamara-Zeile,
class of 1998, Athlete, Olympian, (Mulvihill’s)
 Joyce Tanac-Schroeder, Athlete
class of 1990, Olympian, gymnast at Seattle YMCA, UW
Linda Dale
 Linda Metheny Mulvihill, class of 1985, Athlete, 3 time Olympian  Dale McClements-Kephart, class of 1984, Athlete, Coach (Seattle YMCA and UW athlete)
Dick Hubie
Dick Mulvihill, class of 1984, Coach Dr. Hubert (Hubbie) Dunn, class of 1973, Athlete, Coach (started WSU program)
eric George Lewis
Dr. Eric Hughes, class of 1973, Coach (UW coach, and Olympics) George Lewis , class of 1975, Coach (Father of Women’s Gymnastics in WA)

Region 2 Hall of Fame Inductees

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