Region 2 National Team Members/Olympians

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Women’s National Team Members from Region 2:
Jordan Chiles, Junior, Naydenov’s, 2014, 2015
Randi Lau, Junior, Hawaii/What’s Up Gymnastics 2009
Sarah Curtis, Junior, Oregon State University, 2002
Mylan Dodd, Junior, Cascade Elite, 1998; Senior, 1999, 2000
Onnie Willis, Junior, Puget Sound, 1995
Chari Knight, Senior, Oregon State University, 1990; AGTC 1989
Michaelene Myers, Junior, Puget Sound, 1987
Tanya Service, Senior, National Academy, 1987, 1984, 1982
Kelly Baker, Junior, Puget Sound, 1986
Yolande Mavity, Senior, National Academy,  1983, 84, 85, 86
Missy Wells, Junior, Milwaukie, Ore./Gymnastics West, 1985
Yumi Mordre, Senior, Puget Sound, 1983, 1984, NAAG, 1982
Dawna Wilson, Senior, National Academy, 1984, Junior, 1982
Heather Pierce, Junior, Pacific Northwest, 1983
Julian Brumbaugh, Junior National Academy, 1982
Cindy Cole, Junior, National Academy, 1982
Angela Darquisto, Junior, National Academy, 1982
Cheryl Holt, Junior, National Academy, 1982
Julianne McNamara, Senior, National Academy, 1982
Tiffany Quincy, Junior, National Academy, 1982
Tracee Talavera, Senior, National Academy, 1982

Tumbling National Team Member
Yuliya Brown: Idaho

  • Five-time U.S. tumbling champion (2005, 07, 10, 13-14)
  • Member of the 2005, 07, 10, 11, 13 World Championships teams
  • 2012 U.S. tumbling silver medalist
  • 2007 Worlds team gold medalist
  • 2005 Worlds team silver medalist

Records are lacking for the years before 1982 for National Team Members. (Please send information concerning past Elite/National Team members to Marian.)

Of special Note: Jeanine Creek Henneford, MT, elite gymnast from 1976-1981, was a national team member. In 1979, she won silver in the all-around, and gold on floor at the San Juan Pan American Games. Later, as a Cal State Fullerton gymnast, Jeanine tied for fourth on bars and second place team at the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships held in Utah. (Article on Jeanine Creek 1979 )

Debbie Halle Jackson, WA, was a top 20 finisher at the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Trials.

Cleo Carver Schreifels: WA, a Seattle Y, George Lewis Elite gymnast. 1968 6th at the Olympic Team Trials.

Jan Ahten: WA, Seattle Y,  George Lewis Gymnast from 1969 – 1978; 1975 USA National Team Member; 1975 1st place AA Can Am Invitational Eugene OR; 1975 – 13th place Pan Am games.  Final trials Miami FL; 1976 Olympics trials.

Patti Lanterman Gable: Gymnast for Seattle Y, WA. Elite gymnast. 1972 Canadian American Championship AA Champ. 1973 Regional JO 1st AA; Pacific NW JO 1st AA; and JO Nationals 1st AA. 1974 Class 1 State 2nd AA. 1974 YMCA Nationals 3rd AA, 1st FX, and 2nd Bars. 1976 USA Olympic Trials qualifier.

Laurel Anderson Tindall: Student of George Lewis, elite gymnast from 1969-1975. 1971 Pan Am Games trials. 1972 Final Olympic Trials. 1973 World Championship team trials. 1974 AAU National Team. UW gymnast 1972-1974. SPU gymnast 1974 -1975. AIAW National Vault champ 1973 and 1975. 10-time All-American.

US Olympians – gymnasts/coaches Region 2

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Individuals who were gymnasts or coaches who were either from Region 2, or who later came here to coach or compete.

Joyce Tanac Schroeder: 1968 Team (Mexico City, Mexico) from Seattle YMCA.

Linda Metheny Mulvihill: 3 time Olympian (1964, 1968, 1972) and coach of many Olympians. Judged in the Olympic Games, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, (1996) and in Sydney, Australia, (2000).

Dick Mulvihill: coached more than 15 Olympians including Linda. Women’s Olympic Assist Coach, Mexico, 1968, and Montreal, 1976.

Dale McClements Kephart: Seattle Y gymnast, 1964 Olympian and USA Olympic Assist Coach, 1972 and head coach at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Judged the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. Head coach at Pacific NW Twisters, Tigard, OR,  1978-79. Later, coached and judged in Alaska.

Dr. Eric Hughes: assist Men’s coach 1972 Olympics, Munich, Germany. UW men’s coach.

Tracee Talavera Kent and Julianne McNamara Zeile: were gymnasts at Mulvihill’s National Academy. Both Olympians.
Elise Ray, 2000 U.S. Olympic Team member that won a bronze medal and was the only U.S. gymnast to make an Olympic event final, came to Region 2 to coach as did Mohini Bhardwaj, who  earned a team silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Al Fong: was a high school gymnast in WA. In 2004, he coached Terin Humphrey/Courtney McCool, Athens. Coached Ivana Hong 2008 Olympics alternate.

Brett McClure: 2004 Men’s Silver Medal Olympic Team, from WA.

Melanie Roach: owner of Roach Gymnastics, WA, was in the 2008 Olympics and won 6th place in weight lifting. She was an alternate on the 2000 Olympic team.

Zdravko Stoianov: WA, 5-time Bulgarian National Champion and was on the Bulgarian 1984 Olympic Team.

Lu Li: Chinese Olympian – 1992 Gold on Bars (10.0) and Silver on Beam. Coach in Washington State – known as Li.

Dimitri Taskov: Born in Varna, Bulgaria, was an International Elite/Olympics and a Bulgarian National Team member. Coach at Naydenovs.

Erika Bakacs: born in Romania, International Elite/Olympics gymnast. Romanian National Team member: Romanian National Champion, coached by Bela & Marta Karolyi. Olympic Figure Skating Coach – Tanya Harding’s choreographer 1992. Coach at Naydenovs.

Yumi Mordre: WA, Alternate on the 1984 Olympic Team.

Bob Levesque: OR, WA. Several Levesque-trained Olympians, including Tracee Talavera and Julianne McNamara from the United States. The others were Karen Kelsall (Canada, 1976 & 1980); Nancy Goldsmith (Israel, 1984); Tarella Javen (Finland, 1980) and Tatiana Fegieredo (Brazil, 1984).  Bob also coached at UW.

Carolyn “Ping” Pingatore Holmes: she was a George Lewis and Dale Shirley Seattle Y gymnast. 1968 Olympic Team Captain.

Karen Wisen: WA,  judged the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984.

Sergio Luna Sr: WA, was Olympian for Ecuador in 1968.

Frank Lee: WA, was Olympic coach for Ghardi Gelenhuys in 2000 in Australia. Ghardi was representing her home nation of Namibia.

Jim Holt: WA, coached Iranian gymnast Nashwan al-Harazi, 2008 Beijing.

George Lewis, WA, and Dale Shirley: WA, coached Joyce Tanac Shroeder and Dale McClements Kephart. Some top name girls came to Seattle in order to train with George, including Olympians Avis Tieber Jamieson and Doris Fuchs Brause.

Eberhard Gienger: German Olympian, coached for a short time at UW and Gymnastics Inc at SPU.

Dubi Lufi: was an exceptional WSU gymnast. Israeli Olympic Team Member 1976 and 1980.