Events 2016-2017


Region 2 Congress 2017, August 17-19, 2017

Super Camps:

Ivan Alexov our RJOCC is hard at work planning camps. Please note a couple of date changes to agree with his schedule. Fliers will be out shortly!

Upcoming Dates:
South Super Camp at OMEGA September 30-October 1 (Cost $110)
Inland Empire Super Camp at Dynamic in Spokane October 21 – 22(Cost $110)
North Super Camp at Emerald City October 28 – 29(Cost $110)
High Tech Camp at OMEGA November 4-5 (Cost $175)

Thank You to Region 2 for Hosting the Level 9 Western Championships

Level 9 Western Championships

Level 9 Western Championships is in the books.  Congratulations to all the coaches, athletes, and amazing folks that helped make this a great success. Best yet- no injuries! I want to let you know all the wonderful people that went into making this event so special. They are all unbelievable as a crew and I can’t say enough about each of them.

Region 2 Committee:

RTC Linda Mulvihill – meet referee, floor organization of the Judges, and clean up

RJOC Laurie Reid – Volunteering Thursday through Sunday in all types of jobs including floor manager

RXCC Dianne Palmer – Recruiting and organizing all the volunteer auxiliary positions

SACC Alaska Martha Dunn – helping to decorate for the Welcome Party and judged the meet

SACC Hawaii Pam Zak – Coming 4 days early to help organize, organization of all the apparel, Packing, Sorting, and Clean-up, Head Girl Friday!

SACC Idaho Mark Kindelspire – co meet director, announcing, problem solver, and kept us right on schedule

SACC Montana Josh Burnham – Welcome Party decorating, Floor Manager, Timer, and Problem Solver

SACC Oregon Molly Gill – Volunteer auxiliary judge

SACC Washington Sandy Flores – Awards Organizer and Awards Announcer extraordinaire, also donated room costs to the region


Other amazing pro members in alphabetical order:

Carla Anderson – Auxiliary Judge All weekend

Laurie Balerud (Colorado) – Auxiliary Judge and Master Scorer All weekend

Melissa Burt – Meet Set up, Scoring and putting in amazing hours getting everything together

Loretta Cole (Alaska) – Auxiliary Judge all 3 days

Barbara DePasquale – March In, Timing, and Floor Manager the entire weekend

Janet Earl – Apparel Check in the entire weekend

Ann Grigsby – Welcome Party and Event Decorations, Supplies, Credentials, Programs, and Girl Friday All week

Tiffany Jossi – line judge 1 day

Lynne Kindelspire – Meet Organization, March In, Problem Solver, and Girl Friday All weekend

Elise Kokenge (Oregon) – Music Woman extraordinaire all weekend!

Tracy Loffer (Oregon) – Auxiliary Judge and Master Scorer all weekend

Barbara May – Master scorer and Auxiliary Judge all weekend

Brandon Paine and the Bronco Elite Booster Club – Set up and Tear down of all the equipment, athlete check in, coaches check in, admissions and program sales, and between session clean up

Kelly Riley – Master scorer and Auxiliary Judge 1 day

Michelle Ripple – Master scorer and Auxiliary Judge 1 day

Cheryl Severns (Alaska) – Auxiliary Judge 1 day

Heather Speight (Oregon) – Auxiliary Judge 2 days

Jim Tighe – Floor Design Guru, co Meet director, Meet Set up, Equipment and Scoring

Nancy Tighe – Judges and Coaches Meals Planning and Monitoring


It takes a village to WORK TOGETHER and pull this off.  Way to go Region 2!

Regional Meet 2017

The Regional Meet for 2017 will be April 7-9 at Century Link Arena in Boise Idaho.

New this year:

To qualify to the regional meet as a 9 or 10 athletes requires a 34 AA at your respective state meet. To qualify to Level 9  Westerns requires a 34 AA at the regional meet.  To qualify to Level 10 Nationals requires a 35 AA at the regional meet. 

General Schedule of Regionals:

Friday: Level 10’s (1 or 2 sessions depending on the numbers) and Friday evening the Level 8 State Team competition

Saturday: Level 9’s (3 sessions)

Sunday: Level 8’s (3 sessions)